What Really Happened at Afrochella 2021

Afrochella, the most sought-after festival in Africa, could be found still going strong past 5am in the morning on the 28th of this past December! Festivalgoers could agree that it felt as if the world had set its mind and spirit on the Gold Coast that night. Kotoka International Airport was bombarded with Ubers which …


Accra, Ghana—December 27th, 2021,12pm – 5pm. EveryStylishGirl is hosting a Sip ’N’ Slay celebrating black beauty and business. A popular, recurring event, this brunch provides an opportunity to network with and learn from prominent online personalities. Zeroing in on blackness, women, beauty and business, EveryStylishGirl will curate an afternoon full of
innovation, enlightenment and fun at one of Accra’s premier restaurants, Kōzo.

Afrochella and YouTube partner together for music programming in Africa

As we embark on this road to December in Ghana, we cannot help but anticipate the return of Afrochella. With the announcements of headliners Wizkid and Stonebwoy gracing the main stage, this festival is bound to be one for the books. Prior to the start of the festival, there are a number of events and activations that will be taking place. The Culture Management Group (the organisers of Afrochella) has partnered up with YouTube Music in a collaboration to bring musical programs to Africa, helping to develop the youth and provide assistance to aspiring music industry professionals.

Cryptocurrency: How The Uptake In Developing Countries Has Surged Since 2020.

The boom of cryptocurrency in Africa, how crypto adoption surged over 1,200% doing so well that many now look to cryptocurrency instead of the unstable Naira currency of Nigeria. As a result of cryptocurrency being so successful, Nigeria and Ghana are now in a sprint towards who will have their own digital currency first. I cryptocurrency the future of Africa, or is it only a passing trend? Only time will tell.

The Spirit of Sankofa: Ghana x Haiti

Sankofa is a word from the Akan people of Ghana that translates to “retrieve” or, more literally, “to go back and get it”. It is a saying that expresses the importance of reaching back to past knowledge and bringing it into the present to make positive progress. Although there is a common understanding of the …

2020 Summer Paralympics: Meet The Trio of Black Stars Who Inspired The World in Tokyo

From Wednesday, August 25th to September 5th, some of the world’s most elite disabled athletes participated in the world’s most notable international multi-sport event, the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. These unique two weeks allowed these extraordinary athletes to compete for gold and, more importantly, showcase their dedication, resilience and training through adversity and uncertainty throughout …

Africa’s Vaccine Crisis: Should We Make Our Own Vaccines To Fight Corruption?

Africa’s Vaccine Crisis. The imbalance between rich and poor countries has been ever-present during the pandemic, with rich nations buying their uptake of COVID-19 vaccines and then some. With that said, the third wave has now arrived in Africa with nations like South Africa being among the most affected. Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) reiterates the need for Africa to manufacture its own vaccines calling for Africa to become more independent in its own uptake.