The three-day Ghana Independence Party featured exclusive guest appearances of artists, DJs, models, and socialites from the tri-state area, London, Accra, and beyond.

Weeks leading up to the Independence weekend on 6 March 2020, the Ensah Boyz and their affiliates announced the featured performances by Joey B, and the G4 Boyz. Both of which did not disappoint to bring the Ghanaian heat to the party vibes for the weekend. DJ Nitemare, DJ 360, and others provided all the tunes from Afro-fusion, reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, soca and other black-led musical movements.

The Ensah Boyz also gave homage to the city’s own, Pop Smoke, who’s life was taken before for his time. The new event series showed the authentic vibe of the Ghanaian party scene one would be familiar with in Accra.

My Homeland @ La Boom, Queens, NY

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Kwasi Opoku initiates the official beginning of Ghanaian Independence in New York.

Kwasi “Beast” Opoku kicked off the festivities at La Boom by leading the crowd in the singing of our nation’s national anthem before the party vibe officially started. All about the party you can see people dressed to the highest fashion standard ready to celebrate Ghana’s 63rd milestone. Our team hosted the red carpet and highlighted all the best dressed attendees of the event which hit venue capacity.

Joey B came out to perform shortly into the night. His set contained songs that are Ghanaian staples such as “Tonga” to some of his newer tracks that the crowd loved, “Stables”. Like it is done at the clubs and lounges along Oxford Street, Accra during “Ghana in December”… party goers brought the party out to the street after 5 AM, not wanting to leave just yet!

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It’s a GH Thing! @ 5th and Mad, Manhattan, NY

The second evening event “It’s a GH Thing” was held at 5th and Mad where the G4 Boys held it down for the city with their famed track “Scammer”. Instantly, the party transitioned from Ghanaian classics to New York’s drill scene, which opened the opportunity to meet the woo with a few Pop Smoke tracks like “Shake the Room”, “Foreigner”, and “Dior”. The second went so well, after the event finished an after party was setup in moments at an exclusive location which went on through the morning! We, the GhanaMade team, did not make it – we were to partied out and were conserving our energy for the finale event!

The 1957 Upscale Brunch @ The VNYL, Manhattan, NY

The brunch at VNYL in the East Village was all about class, #BlackExcellence to a T! Throughout the posh venue you see dapper kings in fedoras and gorgeous queens in beautiful dresses. Servers expeditiously presenting guests full plates of brunch food as the bar was busy making classic mimosas. The DJs took us from the city streets, to classic Ghanaian highlife, to classy afrobeats, and then took us to church before the event came to a close.

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Our Creative Director Habecca posing with Adjovi (@joli_jovi).

Overall, it can be said that this past weekend was everything we hoped for to celebrate Ghanaian Independence. Ensah Boyz and the lot did not disappoint us or our fellow party goers. In terms of Diasporan highlights, it is uncontested that the New York City metro holds the title in throwing the best party experiences for Ghana. Ghanaians love to celebrate their country no matter how far they are from the Homeland. As well, they are so so welcoming to share their experience to fellow black people because our founding father instilled in us: “our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of the African continent.”

Big shout out to our local GhanaMade New York City team to make the weekend a success: Habecca, Ngozi, and Brian!