UK-based Afrobeats artist McBriggs dropped his debut EP “Feelings” last week – a compilation that captures your ears for a smooth ten minutes over three tracks. McBriggs did not come alone – teaming up with features of Tibu, Jaji, Twitch, and Tracy. I’ve been following McBriggs from afar for the past two years when he released the music video to his 2017 single “Like You Do” under the Ground Up Chale collective. So when I heard he had something new out, I couldn’t help myself to not give it a review! I encourage any Afrobeats / Afro-soul lover to check out the work. It’s available on all platforms!

“Wire Money” opens up with a light tune with sweet lyrics. McBriggs describes his darling angel, telling the listener how beautiful she is and how she can capture the eyes of many. However there is one dilemma – he describes how she gives him heart-ache as the girl keeps asking him to wire money each day. Though he tries other gifts of affection like flowers to appease her, this doesn’t work. By the end of the track, we learn that like any man mesmerized by the woman he adores, her request are always fulfilled. I can see this track in someone’s summertime session playlist as a mood setter.

With “Farabale”, we are pulled into a slow jam trance. McBriggs makes sure to take his time with this track and ensure we’re feeling the vibe. Tibu’s and Tracy’s harmonious addition to the song helps McBriggs to create the best setting for a night of drinks and intimacy. A definite must have for your audible love letter.

The eponymously named track “Feelings” does everything needed to get any listener to start nodding their head to this jam. The instrumental beat draws you in as we are immersed in the world of a familiar hyper-sensual sensation that McBriggs, Jaji, and Twitch describe for us. By the time you get to the last verse, you are hooked! The beat and the melodic voices are repeating in your head as you proceed to play the song again and again.

McBriggs is one of the latest sounds in the Afrobeats scene, who’s voice adds to the new class of African artists. As this EP settles in the music libraries of music lovers across the world, we are assured to expect more from the artist as the year progresses.

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