February 9th marks the first anniversary of the passing of Ebony Reigns, the tragic result of a road accident between Kumasi and Accra. The 20 year old Ghanaian artist completely changed the music industry back home! She radiated an unapologetic confidence that made many elder people clutch their pearls like, ‘We don’t do things like that here’. (First of all, umm who’s telling…)

But seriously, regardless of whether you agreed with her methods, Ebony exuded an innate drive to use the tools she was handed to dig herself out of her circumstances and shatter ceilings -by any means necessary. And for life changing moments, like her hit ‘Poison’ hitting number one, she gives up thanks to God. If you don’t understand the lyrics don’t worry, I don’t either with some of it! … (Read the full article at Arado)

Our Tribute Playlist for the 90’s Bad Gyal
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