With the holiday season rapidly approaching, expect to see a flood of people making their way to the West African coast to enjoy the festivals, food, and warm climate to close out the year. Let’s take a brief look at what you can do to make the most out of your first visit to the Gold Coast.

Accra Nightlife

The SkyBar Experience: Accra, Ghana | Source: YouTube-Fred Dahe

First things first, all who visit Ghana are in awe of how lively the after-hours scene is. It is hard to witness how active Ghanaian nightlife is and not feel spoilt for choice. You have the opportunity to explore numerous venues hosting a stream of parties that seem to never end. Clubs like AftaWerk, SkyBar, Plot 7, Carbon, and Club Onyx are just a few of the bait spots that can take your night out well into the next day. Expect to hear the finest Hip-Hop, R&B, and Afrobeats selections playing for crowds ranging from intimate to immense.

Kakum National Park

Located 18 miles from the Cape Coast, the Kakum National Park is a natural treasure in Ghana, home to over 800 rare birds, monkeys, elephants, leopards, and countless plant species. The park is well equipped for visitors to explore nature at their own pace with state-of-the-art viewing and camping facilities. There are seven, 300-foot long sky suspension bridges, strung up over 25 meters high providing a wonderful birds-eye view to help indulge visitors into this wildlife experience.

There is even an option for a guided night tour for those that want to check out the wildlife that can be seen at night. The park is child-friendly and can be a wonderful day out option to enjoy the child-safe canopies and play area. All of this makes it a must-see educational adventure for all the nature lovers and eco-tourists who want a taste of the jungle. If you get the chance, it is definitely worth the visit.

Makola Market

POV of Makola Market | Source: Africa Street Videos

Market culture is the lifeblood of many countries. Makola market (1924) has been placed in the heart of Accra for almost 100 years and is Ghana’s largest open-air market. Because of its placement quite literally in the middle of the city, the traffic contributes heavily to the hustle and bustle of the atmosphere. Compared to the more serene and still locations in Ghana, this is the place to be if you need a recap of city life. The sea of market vendors and curious shoppers flood the area accompanied by a massive overflow of scents and sounds. You can find anything from bags of yam, car parts, high-quality fabric, and maybe even love for incredibly reasonable prices.

Labadi Beach

Although the edge of the Gold Coast is peppered with many beautiful beaches, one, in particular, stands out amongst the rest. Labadi beach looks as good as it sounds. One of the busiest and most popular beaches in Ghana, Labadi, or as it’s more popularly known, La Pleasure is the place to be if you’re in Ghana looking to experience a fulfilling beach day.

This stunning stretch of sand is accompanied by the Labadi Beach Hotel and hosts bonfire nights, discos, beachfront horseback rides, and DJ raves. If you are looking for something to do, something to see or just to make friends Labadi is the place to be. Note though, that because the beach is so popular you can always guarantee a big crowd on Fridays and weekends. However, during the week there is plenty of personal space for the introverts who just want to peacefully lay up, crack open a book, and enjoy the sunset.

Street Food

Ghanaian Street food Experience | Source: YouTube-Simply Pimba

Day or night in Ghana you are never too far from food. Of all the things that could potentially be an issue, what to eat is never one of them. There is always a fleet of unique and delicious food vendors nearby to ensure you never starve. Streetfood in Ghana is so embedded in the culture that most Ghanaians have at least three meals a week from a curb-side cook and it’s not hard to see why when you look at the dining options. As we all know, the best Jollof comes from Ghana, amongst other dishes like Chichinga (kebab skewers), Kelewele (seasoned fried plantains), Puff-Puff (Ghanaian doughnuts), and Tsofi (turkey tails) which are easily fan favorites in Accra.

Street Art in Jamestown

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Hidden in one of the oldest settlements in Accra is a flourishing local art scene, where you can witness some of the most breathtaking displays of visual artistry in Ghana. Home to the famous Chale Wote festival, Jamestown hosts the largest street/performance art festival in West Africa, a phenomenon that draws in over 45,000 people a year. Since 2011, the outdoor art festival has showcased the most promising local and international artists of all ages, participating in photo exhibitions, street painting, graffiti murals, street boxing, movie screenings, and much more. Although festivities typically last about a week, the shadow of creativity persists all over Jamestown. It would be criminal to visit Ghana without seeing it firsthand.


Afrochella 2019 Recap | Source: YouTube-Nacheki

Finally, Ghana’s yearly festival welcomes people of all shades and ethnicities to visit the continent to bring new life into the new year. Afrochella, with now 30,000 audience members ensures the days between December 24th and January 2nd are to be filled with great music, beautiful people, and the sweet scent of Kelewele hanging in the air. This year’s theme is Afrofuturism so let us look forward to seeing the massive turnout as Afrochella aims to deliver the beauty of the diaspora once again.

Be sure to check out more top-notch Ghana-related content and keep an eye out for any updates to make your holiday more memorable.