Hemah K is a UK-based media personality initially introduced to the media world during her professional presentation of captivating interviews with entertainment industry giants such as  Young MA, Idris Elba, Krept and Konan, etc, for LinkUp TV and other online platforms. Following this success, she then elevated towards having her own radio breakfast show at The Beat London 103.6 FM.

Further, she joined the Black Entertainment Television’s (BET’s) International Team to provide press coverage for international events such as The BET Hip-hop Awards.

She boasts a large media following on platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Twitter and can also be found on Linkup TV weekly hosting an album review series tagged @thelisteningpartyuk.

Hemah also recently created and starred in a parody series on her YouTube called ‘Gemma K’s Perfectly Perfect Love Life’ that documents the typical highs and lows of 21st century dating in the UK. In it, she plays Gemma K, a young woman trying to navigate her less than stellar love life, a situation that many singletons can relate to. (Gemma K’s Perfectly Perfect Love Life – The Intro – YouTube)

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