Stacy, a Ghanaian-American, is a playwright, actress, television, and film writer with many years of experience in the creative industry.  

She is a BFA graduate from NYU (major: Drama) and an MFA graduate from Hunter College (major: Playwriting). She struggled shortly after university to find work that suited her, as is expected for fresh graduates, but this did not deter her passion, nor did it stop her dream.

Over the years since, Stacy has been able to rack up incredible opportunities, especially as a woman of color, which almost makes the struggles that she encountered seem minuscule. An opportunity that her hard work and persistence have awarded her is the chance to be the first black female to write for Marvel’s vampire-hunting movie entitled ‘Blade’. Therefore allowing her to be a trailblazer in the industry for young African and African American women in writing alike.

She has also written and produced numerous plays, some of which have earned awards. An example includes The Painter, which was a Samuel French Festival finalist. As a TV writer, Stacy has several credits to her name, including the HBO show Watchmen that is based on the comic by Alan Moore.

She has written and edited several other acclaimed Hollywood series inclusive of Hunters, Amazon’s limited series that follows Nazi hunters set in 1970’s America, and the HBO crime thriller Run.

She was also nominated for an Emmy Award in 2020, following her writing on Hulu’s Pen15 series. Concurrently, she was also the only African American female writer to receive a nomination for outstanding writing in a comedic series in this same year.

Even more than for recognition, Stacy has always wanted to be a writer with a voice. Therefore, drawing on her own past experiences and on the premise of what is, she has made it her goal to bring unspoken stories to life that would make one stop and think over the current ways in which societal systems and beliefs are upheld. 

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