Anna Acheampong is a YouTuber as well as a mother of two. Only knowing Amsterdam/the Netherlands as her homeland, Acheampong decided that in 2020, when COVID hit, it was time to take her journey back.

Starting The Acheampong Family Youtube channel a year ago, Acheampong vlogs the journey of her family’s move back to Ghana. Amassing over 66k followers,  the Youtuber works to dispel the media’s negative portrayal of the continent of Africa itself.

Living in Ghana for over a year, Acheampong now advises other people who wish to explore Ghana.

“Talking to someone with a similar background might help in understanding certain challenges you are facing or even just to ease your mind.

“Some people are telling us that because of us, that because of us they want to move.

“We are really impacting life that I couldn’t imagine possible.”

YouTube – The Acheampong Family

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