57 Chocolate is the pioneer bean to bar craft chocolate manufacturer in Ghana, producing luxury chocolate locally. It was started by two Pan-African sisters, Kimberly and Priscilla Addison.  Their vision is to drive development and self-sufficiency in Ghana and across the continent of Africa, while their mission is to add value to local resources by transforming them into high quality products that celebrate African art and culture.

The name ‘57 is short for 1957—the year of Ghana’s independence. 1957 was a revolutionary year for the country, not only because it was freed from colonial rule, but it is the year that gave birth to the nation’s “can do” spirit. It is a call and reminder that sometimes in order to go forward, we need to look back at our foundation—our roots. ‘57 Chocolate aims to inspire the people of Ghana, especially the youth to create and develop ‘made in Ghana’ products of high quality.

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