#GhanaMades50: Annabelle Hayford

Annabelle ”Abelle” Hayford is a Ghanaian-American illustrator, character designer, and Color stylist. Abelle’s current body of work consists of diverse characters and narratives, good vibes, and a lot of pastel colors. Social media has played a huge role in Abelle’s artistic growth and uses their social media to share their art to others while also …

#GhanaMades50: Andromeda Peters

Miss United States 2018-2019 is Andromeda Osam Peters, being crowned as one of the first African beauty queens to hold a national pageant title in the US, making history. Andromeda touts a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Theatre and is a licensed clinical therapist and life coach. …

#GhanaMades50: Afua Osei

Afua Osei is an entrepreneur and global growth coach that helps digital entrepreneurs think beyond their borders and build global brands.  As a Co-Founder of She Leads Africa, Afua has built a digital lifestyle platform for millennial multicultural women reaching more than 700,000 women across 100+ countries. In addition to building a thriving community, Afua …

#GhanaMades50: Afua Hirsch

Afua Hirsch is a writer, author, TV presenter, documentary maker, and former barrister. Growing up, she read up on global black revolutionaries like Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X, black British scholarship from intellectuals like Paul Gilroy and Stuart Hall, and then interacting with people – people who in some cases even consider themselves the educated …

#GhanaMades50: Abena Boamah

My name is Abena Boamah-Acheampong, M.Ed and I am a creative entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and founder of Hanahana Beauty. I started Hanahana beauty in 2017 while teaching high school algebra and social justice in Chicago and getting my master’s in Counseling Psychology at Loyola University. I am driven by curating learning experiences and I’m …

Conversations with GhanaMade: Dance Choreographer and Fitness Instructor Kwabena KB

We are really happy to be sharing stories with all of you, told by Ghanaians in the diaspora doing amazing things. This week, we are heading back to the UK, London in particular, to have a chat with Kwabena KB – a Dance choreographer and Fitness Instructor. I know Kwabena personally, and his energy and work ethic has always left a good impression! During this interview, you will find out the drive behind his brand(s) MOVEWITHKB & @afro_motion.

YaaW set to train 1,000 African women in Virtual STEM Accelerator

Yielding Accomplished African Women, a US-based African non-profit organisation, is poised to push the limits of their mission empowering and educating young African women for careers in STEM fields. Their accelerator would equip the students with the skills to attain internships and jobs at the likes of firms such as Bank of America, Ernst & Young, Google, Microsoft, Ecobank, and Stanbic Bank.

Conversations with GhanaMade: Content Creator Annette Abena

Firstly, by providing a platform for African founders to tell their stories and to reach a wider audience. There are some incredible innovations and businesses coming out of Ghana but with lack of visibility and access to opportunity they face great challenges. If through my content and platform I am able to improve visibility and access then I am making an impact.

Tables Have Turned: Faults of Western Capitalism, to Remedies of the Global South

American idealism has always been an illusion that’s blinded us, feeding into the notion that the West is truly the best, and has the greatest in all there is to offer. The United States current state has made a mockery of those ideals, leaving its credibility as a leader of the Free World shot in midst of it’s failing and ever so disappointing national administration, rigid healthcare system, and economic disparities.