Accra, Ghana.  This past weekend the Accra music scene was taken by  surprise by DJ Neizer as he released his eighth mixtape, Breathe. The mixtape is a step away from the disk jockey’s usual uplifting party vibe renditions. He is noted to have found inspiration to create this particular release because of the trialling times due to the global pandemic and the multi-national movement towards racial equality.

Cover art of the Breathe mixtape was created by Duke Ampong

“Breathe” opens with a snippet of “We are the World”, symbolising the need for unity and mutual understanding. In essence, DJ Neizer wishes to get across to his audience the notion that the fight for black rights, equity, and livelihood goes beyond borders or cultural barriers. It is roughly an hour long collage of the Black sound spanning across several genres of African music (inclusive of Afrobeats, Afro-pop, Afro-soul). The ‘tape then progresses to include black artists from across the Continent – both from English and French artists.

The mixtape, in addition to strategically placed transitions, is voiced over by MJ the Sensei. MJ is a familiar voice paired to DJ Neizer’s releases as he features in AfroMass mixtape series which was first published in December 2017. Throughout the track, MJ shares words of encouragement and love to remind us that even during the hardest of times – we can find light.

DJ Neizer is a nationally-awarded Accra-based DJ who has performed for high level clients as far as the Presidency and stages as large as those made available by the Year of Return scheme of the Ghana Tourism Authority, EchoHouse, or TeamLogoz. He currently plays as the resident-DJ of Ace Tantra Nightclub in Accra, Ghana.

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