Andromeda Peters
Andromeda Peters

Miss United States 2018-2019 is Andromeda Osam Peters, being crowned as one of the first African beauty queens to hold a national pageant title in the US, making history. Andromeda touts a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Theatre and is a licensed clinical therapist and life coach. No stranger to the stage, she grew up around music and performing, having one parent who is a Ghanaian highlife musician, and another parent as a life coach. Andromeda became active in musical theatre at age 10. She remains passionate about modeling, writing, acting, and singing today. This penchant for the arts gave way to her interest in modeling following her runway debuts at several DC fashion shows, beauty campaigns, ambassadorship to Inglot Cosmetics, swimwear campaigns, and is a signed model in NYC. Outside of the fashion and entertainment industry, Andromeda also works as a psychotherapist with a concentration in mindfulness and trauma. She focuses on building her name in the industry to be known as an educated model and actress who advocates for body positivity and success through self-love. 

Service has always been a large part of Andromeda’s life and provided her with a myriad of opportunities; namely working as an AmeriCorps member, volunteering with Pro-Health International in Nigeria, working locally with Habitat for Humanity, and traveling to New Orleans to help rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina on a service trip. She was also fortunate enough to go on a mission trip to the rurals of Jamaica where she worked in schools and in homes of families living in poverty. Andromeda is now a global ambassador for the Tis Foundation implementing mental health resources and education in the US and Africa. 

As a therapist, Andromeda was led to her platform which is her organization Your Mind Matters where she teaches others that mental health is just as important as physical health. Andromeda runs self-care workshops teaching self-care tips and erasing the stigma associated with mental health, particularly in Black communities. She also educates young students the signs on when and how to seek help for themselves and others, and mindfulness techniques such as meditation. Andromeda’s passion relies on letting our world know that asking for help makes you brave. Carrying her pride of being a Ghanaian-American woman, she is dedicated to bringing mental health resources to Ghana, while growing her platform as an entertainer, to have access to larger audiences de-stigmatizing mental health support in the US and on the continent of Africa, especially in Ghana. Andromeda also uses her platform and voice to speak on the importance of self-care which even led her to Dubai as one of Huda Beauty’s Overachievers in the Huda Beauty Overachiever Campaign and continues to remind us that self-compassion is the key to healing and to success.

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