Bernicia Boateng
Bernicia Boateng

Bernicia Boateng is a British-Ghanaian Pro Makeup Artist and Influencer. She embarked on this journey over 5 years ago. During these years, her work has been noticed on a wide scale, by working with influential women from all over the world. Some of which include, our fellow honourees Michaela Coel and Clara Afmo, alongside other influential women such as; novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and world known brands such as Gucci. 

Bernicia expanded her love for makeup and created her own lane by opening her own Makeup studio in East London, also named after her, in 2018. Through opening her studio, Bernicia has formed a team who woke under her whilst having the autonomy to learn and grow within the Beauty Industry. The launch of her studio helped many women learn about all aspects of the beauty industry by introducing multiple Masterclasses and  1:1 sessions. 

Since her success as a Makeup Artist She has appeared on BBC news, Channel 4 news where she was given the platform to educate viewers on her artistry and the industry as a whole. 

Earlier this year, Bernicia was recognised by Forbes 30 under 30 for her skills within the industry and extension into the booming influencer world as she also signed with well established Talent agency, Storm Model Management. 

Bernicia has been intentional as she is also a brand, separate to the craft which falls under Bernicia Boateng studios, she has hopes of it becoming a chain of studios all over the world. Her key to making it work for her is by keeping her eyes open to the rapid new trends out there and staying afloat. 

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