Blachaz3 (pronounced Black Haze) is a Ghanaian-American creative entrepreneur based in the United States. Blachaz3 graduated from Fordham University with her Master’s in International Social Work with a focus on Social Justice and Leadership. While in school, she focused on developing her skills as a creative, public speaker, and businesswomen so that she could merge them with her overall career as a social worker. As a result of this process, Blachaz3 created her own social work based organization called FISTS UP AFROS OUT™. Her aim is to unify our people globally through community service, education, programs, and creative arts.  

SoFISTication™ is a facet of FISTS UP AFROS OUT™ that specifically focuses on the community service, programs, events, and activities sector of the organization. Through SoFISTication, our aim is to break the traditional way of teaching, learning, and doing. Knowledge isn’t something that should be treated as a blanket statement. Encouraging higher level thinking, self sufficiency, and necessary skills needed to survive is key. How this goal is achieved is through our various community based programs, seminars, events, activities etc. Blachaz3’s first international project via FISTS UP AFROS OUT took place at in Ghana in 2019 at the Remar Kumasi Children’s home and she plans to expand to other countries in the Diaspora as programming and develops.

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