Diana Wilson
Diana Wilson

Diana Wilson is a highly successful young social entrepreneur, marketing strategist at Google, activist and global speaker. She was recognized as the ‘Next Black Female Mark Zuckerberg’ via Face2Face Africa. She has gone viral for her achievements via MTV and LinkedIn. Recently, Diana has created Yielding Accomplished African Women: West Africa’s first finance & technology talent accelerator for women. Her mission is to create a pipeline that will empower African women to develop a gender specific professional toolkit that will advance their careers in business or technology. Within one year, Yaa W. had already impacted over 800 African women through curated programming. Through Yielding Accomplished African Women, she has completed various high-profile speaking engagements with the US Embassy, Ghana Tech Summit, Georgetown University, University of Virginia, Lehigh University. All the same, Diana Wilson started from humble beginnings. She is the product of a diligent single mother, prayer and a constructive community of Newark, NJ. She attended the University of Virginia studying Sociology and Women Gender Studies. She came to college with the hopes of understanding the interconnection between business and the public sector in order to maximize social impact. 

Diana won the McKinsey Woman’s Social Impact Award for her work with college students in Ghana regarding their civic engagement. Moreover, with all the racial tension and chaos surrounding her school’s campus in Charlottesville, Diana has worked on the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers project. It will be established by 2020 and it will serve as a reminder of the importance of all-American citizens to this country’s progress. Moreover, she co-directed the first ever Global History of Black Girlhood Conference at the University of Virginia in March 2017. The Global History of Black Girlhood Conference redesigns and shifts the focus of academia towards the concerted existence of both the visible and invisible Black woman. Beyond her leadership and community service Diana has won the Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar Award, Ghana’s 30 Under 30 Award, Clinton Global Initiative University Student Fellowship, Davis Projects for Peace, and the Coca Cola Scholarship. She is a published author, being featured in We Will Lead Africa – a book that compiles the stories of 32 top African female leaders today. She has been featured by MTV, Google, Blavity, Future of Ghana and many more. She also is the youngest board member of the African Women Development Fund (US Chapter) Board of Directors. 

You can keep up to date and involved with Yielding Accomplished African Women (Yaa.W) here: https://www.accomplishedafricanwomen.org

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