Elaine Amankwah Nietmann
Elaine Amankwah Nietmann

Elaine immigrated at a young age from Ghana to the United States. She immediately fell in love with the country as she experienced the beautiful scenery and the diverse people in her new surroundings. Elaine was quickly attracted to the numerous opportunities that abound in the United States. Her family had a great start to life in the U.S. They were blessed with subsidized housing in what was considered a “good” school district.

Elaine received a college degree in political science and economics, and went on to marry her best friend, Keenan Nietmann. The new family relocated in 2011 from Maryland to Georgia in the last year of law school. Elaine settled in Georgia as a wife, mother, and lawyer. When her second born son was diagnosed with autism, she witnessed firsthand the shortcomings of the healthcare system, and the federal special education programs that her son needs in addressing his needs. The private sector referrals that were available to her were often expensive and had long waiting lists, and had short day schedules. Either situation is not conducive to the schedules of most full or part-time working parents.

Elaine worked as a public defender and family law attorney in Georgia’s Congressional District 4. Her experience as a guardian ad litem, advocating for a child with special needs, motivated her to run for public office to become the next congresswoman from Georgia.  

You can learn more about her campaign here: https://www.elaine4congress.com 

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