Gina Obeng
Gina Obeng

Gina Obeng is a London Based Fitness Expert and Personal Trainer. Gina’s fitness journey started in 2013 and since then she has been able to transform her life mentally and physically which has enabled her to help a significant amount of people do the same. 

Through her fitness journey Gina has been open by sharing short clips of how to make healthy meals. She also provided meal prep services to help kick start people’s fitness journey. Through this, Gina was able to  expand her knowledge and interest for creating healthy alternatives to your favourite tasty meals by creating an EBook. 

She founded her fitness brand Train to slay, in 2018. A  movement focused on bridging the gap between working out and looking your best. She has been able to help numerous women through group to 1:1 classes and challenges women can incorporate to elevate their current lifestyle. 

During quarantine Gina was still consistent with her brand by continuing to show her audience effective home workouts by uploading short, easy to follow videos on her Instagram page and hosting Instagram Live’s, she recently collaborated with well established Fitness brand Gymshark. 
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