Laila-Jean Washington
Laila-Jean Washington

Laila-Jean Washington is a Content Creator and entrepreneur based in London. She is  passionate about natural  hair and organic skincare. She believes in the efficacious power of nature to heal, nourish and restore which has moved her to start our own handcrafted natural products business in 2018, called Wild Seed Botanicals which is rooted and planted in Africans Holistic Traditions.

Laila also uses her presence on YouTube to demonstrate various healthy hair tips and tricks as she started her natural hair journey in 2011 when she did the big chop. Since, her audience has expanded to the point where people look to her in order to gain knowledge on the healthiest ways to look after, grow and style natural hair for black women. 

As well as Wild Seed Botanicals, Laila has intertwined her brand and hard work over the years to  found a second e-commerce business going by her best known YouTube name, Fusion of Cultures where she sells her own merchandise ranging from home pillows to T-Shirts. 

Fun fact: Laila has a love for plants, so much so she has been caring for plants for over 6 years, she sees this as an outlet and a form of therapy – she also demonstrates how to care for multiple plants, on her YouTube Channel 

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