Lillian Ahenkan
Lillian Ahenkan

Lilian Ahenkren who also goes by the name of Flex Mami is a Ghanaian-Australian and she is no stranger to Media and entertainment. She has pretty much challenged herself to do it all as she is known for being a DJ, TV Presenter/Host, MC, author and Beauty influencer . In her own words she describes herself as  a millennial who’s also a multidisciplinary social enthusiast. Touted ‘the internet’s favourite optimist’ she built a community of engaged millennials through her fight against the world’s obsession with self-deprecation. Her rise from 9-5er to full-time creative freelancer who gets paid to be herself had audiences intrigued and itching for tips on how to mimic it. 

Lilain’s journey began as a DJ in 2015, through this skill she has gained recognition by noticeable clients that include; Nike sportswear, AirMax and Spotify. She quickly gained recognition as a MTV Presenter where she currently works within the Music, Pop Culture & Entertainment department.

Known for her inimitable street style and editorial make-up looks, Lilan’s signature touch is her use of colour, texture and fine line work. A passionate advocate for representation of POC, Flex is a source of inspiration for her dedicated audience. 

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