Lorraine Wright
Lorraine Wright

British born Ghanaian and University of Oxford Exec. MBA graduate, Lorraine Wright describes herself as a C-suite executive, that is a “Chief Side Hustler”. For the past 10 years she has held down a full time job as  Digital Project Manager across consulting and financial services whilst pursuing her goals as an entrepreneur. 

She is personally motivated and interested in community and social investment/development. She is particularly fascinated with the intersection of Christianity, music, community impact, business, finance and technology. Outside of her day job, entrepreneurial activities and social impact, Lorraine finds time to serve in her church (Trinity Baptist Church) as well as mentor young ladies. Lorraine’s key attributes include public speaking, pitching, stakeholder management and influencing, idea generation, event /project management and relationship management.

With all she does…if you asked Lorraine what she wants to do in the future….she still does not know exactly but knows she wants to do something in line with her God given purpose and leave a lasting impact. Often when Lorraine is asked what she does for work, she would probably just tell you she is a project manager at a bank. She has never accepted and still struggles to describe herself as an “entrepreneur” even now. Lorraine somewhat feels that term is reserved for those who work for themselves full time. 

Check out her blog where she will be discussing this very point!

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