Mylah Shyv
Mylah Shyv

Mylah Shyvonne Maame Yaa Agyiwah Gyimah. A name that shows the mercy of God and traces her back to her family in Ghana, West Africa. In our culture they say that one of the most powerful things you can give a child is their name. A name can project a child’s entire future while at the same time connecting them to their roots. As a proud Ghanaian-American model & actress who has worked with a number of brands (e.g. Zara, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Lavie by CK, Target, Elle Magazine and CreativeSoul), began her modeling career as a means of building her self-esteem and understanding the different shades and textures of beauty in the world. As she began to acknowledge the beauty in herself she bloomed into a confident little girl that knows she is beautiful and has something to contribute to the world, and most importantly the need for representation for all little girls and boys around the world.

Who is she, we do not know yet. She is growing each and every day, soaking up so much knowledge, trying and learning new things. She is watching new movies and reading new books. She is meeting and interacting with a diverse group of people each and every day and gaining so much experience as a model. As she continues to grow she will do so as a beautiful and smart Ghanaian-American female that will inspire people and contribute to the visions of beauty for years to come.

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