Nana Fofie
Nana Fofie

Nana Fofie is your new favorite R&B artist from overseas. Hailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands, the Dutch Ghanaian rising star has an unwavering love and passion for music — which began at the early age of 5. Describing herself as “a regular girl who loves to sing and write music,” Nana is also a proud mother to her beautiful little boy Isaiah. 

The singer-songwriter exploded onto the scene with her debut single on Youtube, an Afropop mashup titled “Mad Over You” which currently hails over 6.1 million views and counting. When it comes to her vibe, her style, her beauty, and her personality, there’s no one who can do it better. Her presence as an Afro-European musician is both rare and refreshing, creating her own sound titled Afro R&B blending contemporary R&B elements with her Ghanaian roots.

Plus, Nana has a rare Nicki Minaj cosign. Now, she releases her highly-anticipated new visual for “Yeno Ntem.” 

You can follow her here: You can watch her music videos here:

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