Wanderlust’s got you down? Globetrot your way to Mzansi for a cure.

Are you keen to see different people and cultures? The Rainbow Nation is the place to be.

COVID-19 has greatly affected many people’s travel plans. However as the world slowly begins to adjust, travelling for enjoyment is slowly becoming feasible. The beautiful irony of all the names mentioned in the intro is that they refer to the same place commonly known as South Africa, and below are a few reasons why it should be added to your travel list regardless of what your pallet for adventure may be.

For those more inclined to travel in luxury, Cape Town is the perfect place for a taste of lavishness, living lekker (South African slang for ‘nice’ or ‘great’), breath-taking views, rich history and shopping. Within its confines lay a seaport and a marina that boast stupendous views of the ocean and the famed Table Mountain, be they seen from the harbour or from high rise hotels and apartments (V&A Waterfront – Welcome to our neighbourhood).  Let’s not forget the ever glamorous Waterfront shopping mall for our resident fashionistas! Yacht cruises and fishing excursions are among water activities that can be done as well. In addition, we all know that where there’s an ocean there’s bound to be a beach! Some fun in the sun is always a great perk!

Aside from its opulence, Cape Town does have plenty of activities to do for adrenaline junkies too, most of which are centred on Table Mountain itself, inclusive of cable car rides, abseiling from the summit, guided walking tours and mountain hikes (Table Mountain Aerial Cableway | Official Website). Even more than this, Cape Town is also where the mountainous Cape Point can be accessed, that is, the place where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans collide. Two oceans, both in different shades of blue, that just seem to know how far to flow without overflowing into each other. If you have lungs and legs strong enough to get you to the top of the steep hike at The Point, you’ll be rewarded with this natural phenomenon for as far as your eye can see.  As an added bonus, on your way to The Cape Point, or on the way back, you can ask your driver to let you make a pit-stop at Boulders Beach where you will find cute little penguins, and maybe cop a few snaps with them!

If you prefer to travel with the family, Durban might be just the place for you.  If we were to compile a list of places to go within Durban that cater to the tastes of the whole family, we’d say take dad to one of the many museums scattered throughout the city such as The Old Court House Museum (The best 10 Museums in Durban 2021 – Africa (africanadvice.com)). He is definitely going to have titbits of South African history to drawl about even after the trip is over. Take mom to the Victoria Street Market so that she can buy many trinkets and tchotchkes to litter the living room with when you get home.

Take the aesthetic craving teens to the Botanical Gardens (Homepage – Durban Botanic Gardens) for them to take the perfect picture with all sorts of flora and fauna around them.  And lastly, but definitely not the least, take the kids to the famous uShaka Marine World (Welcome to uShaka Marine World – Durban, South Africa), a water park with so many themed rides where they can have loads of fun. After a day of these activities, perhaps the whole family might enjoy a trip to one of the many malls to get some of that customary travel shopping in or maybe even a short trip to one of the animal sanctuaries to have some good ole’ quality time instead, or maybe even a trip to the beach.

For those who prefer to travel with their friends, Johannesburg AKA ‘Joburg’ or ‘Jozi’ might just be the place to be! Famed for its lively nightlife, Jozi gloats of many hip and happening clubs and pubs for those who are out to have a good time. What’s a good time without good food? Jozi is also jam-packed with great restaurants such as Papachinos that offer good vibes and even better food. It is also in close proximity to The Mall of Africa, the largest mall in Africa. Your coins are already buzzing with anticipation of what they can be exchanged for, right? If your travel party happens to include the company of car guys and motorsport fans, The Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit (Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit | Home), once regarded as one of the best motorsport venues in the world is also a short trip away from Jozi. Vroom, vroom, vroom baby!

To add a little bit of culture to the mix, Johannesburg is also home to Vilakazi Street (Welcome to Vilakazi Street, Soweto, Johannesburg (ZA) (southafrica.net) ), one of the most well known streets in SA located in the Soweto Township.  It should be a crime to visit this street and not taste the flavours of a bona fide South African meal in the spirit of true uBuntu! The street also pays homage to the late Nelson Mandela who was once a resident in it, with a museum in his honour (Mandela House – 8115 Vilakazi St, orlando West, Soweto). To add more beats to your heart rate while you’re in Soweto, you and your friends could also bungee jump off the Soweto Towers and learn the stories behind their intricate and everchanging graffiti.

For all these reasons and more, South Africa has been a prime tourist destination for many years. There are so many other things to do and places to see inclusive of Sun City (Sun City South Africa (sun-city-south-africa.com)), the world renowned resort and casino, and many national parks, such as Kruger National Park (Kruger National Park – South African Safari and Lodging Guide (krugerpark.co.za)), that are home to many types of animals.  Get your travel planners out and get booking!